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Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) is an organization dedicated to teaching realistic self defense and promoting the expansion of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts.The organization and a system of combat thought up by Paul Vunak, who had been Dan Inosanto's student who had been Bruce Lee's main student.

Inside the techniques included in this system of combat are bitting (actually not used because of the danger of getting infected) striking with the head, and fighting on the ground (groundfighting).
The PFS is considered a system much efficient in street combats, giving priority to the blows with head, blows with knee, to the trapping and to techniques as the Straight Blast. These techniques form the base of that what is the RAT program, the system of combat taught to the American special forces, as the Navy Seal, developped by Vunak to request of that units.

Vunak has always claimed that the JKD doesn't teach better techniques, but develops a combat efficient and better features. The goal is flow from one technique to other and from one art to other, till when the range or the situation doesn't change, demanding an other technique, or maybe of an other martial art. A special quality of the PFS is also the usage of safety equipment because of the trainings which are called crash test with test of aggressions in full contact.



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