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Kombato is a Brazilian military martial art focused on self defense and security. The martial art was created around 1989, by a team led by Paulo Albuquerque. It utilizes a combination of kicks, punches, grappling and jointlocks. It is taught by the Brazilian Air Force, the Brazilian Marines, several state and federal law enforcement offices, and some commercial companies.
The system is used by bodyguards in Brazil to protect celebrities and political figures and there is a Kombato training program adapted for civilians. The main aim of the system is to build people’s awareness of their own security, by making them able to recognize and neutralize aggressive threats.

The system teaches armed and unarmed combat moves, both standing and on the ground. Paulo Albuquerque is open to experimenting new moves, which must be reality-checked by the instructor team. After that the moves are taught to students.

The graduation system is similar to other martial arts. The students starts at the white band, and progresses through green (I, II, III), red (I, II, III), brown (I, II, III), and black.



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