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Bok-Fu-Do means "way of the white tiger," which is the animal that inspired Grandmaster Richard Lee to create the style in 1967. It is a Chinese system of martial arts that is composed of many different fighting arts from around the world. It is one of the few systems of martial arts founded and developed in the west that is truly internationally recognized because of its consistent success in world competition.

Lee next went to Japan and visited Kyokushin Karate Master Mas Oyama’s school as well as the headquarters for Kodokan, Judo. Lee traveled to Korea and visited the newly constructed Tae Kwon Do headquarters in Seoul. In Nepal he studied the rarely seen knife fighting techniques of the legendary Gurkah. He spent time with the Headhunters of Borneo and the Maasai and Zulu warrior tribes of Africa. In Israel, he studied the Israeli military sentry removal techniques that later developed into the martial arts system now known as Krav Maga. He traveled to Thailand and observed the traditional form of Muay Thai boxing and to France where he researched the well known style of Savate. Lee went to India to research the birth place of Buddhism and learn of the legendary Bodidharma, 28th patriarch of Zen Buddhism and the oft regarded founder of Shaolin Kung-Fu. It was also in India where Lee first observed the beauty and magnificence of the rare white tiger. Inspired by its grace and power, Lee adopted the Chinese translation of Bok-Fu for the name of his style of martial arts.



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