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Neko-ryu goshin jitsu was developed by Professor of Judo (8th dan) Ernie Cates with Nakabiyashi Sensei (combative measures instructor at the Japanese Naval Academy) and Kotani Sensei (Kodokan 10th dan) with the original intent of being a short course that could give a businessman reasonable training in simple self-defense principles in a 4-hour course back in 1962.

Translating as “Cat Style Self Defense,” Neko-ryu focuses on simple, natural movements and techniques that can be remembered in times of stress or when under attack. The movements and techniques focus on using the size and power of a larger foe against the attacker.

It was later taught as part of the hand-to-hand combat system to the Marine Corp when Sensei Cates was an combat instructor in the Corp at Parris Island. Since then, it has evolved into a complete system. It does have many principles based on the movements of a cat, and integrates judo and jujitsu into the art. Sensei Cates constantly added things from other styles over the years, and continues to do so.

The concepts preceding Neko-Ryu originated with Mr. Nakabiyashi who had developed a four hour self defense class for the Japanese business man. Nakabayashi was later hired by the U.S. Marine Corps to train troops in this art. Cates was one of three U.S. Marines who studied directly under Nakabiyashi. The Neko-Ryu style was fine tuned and is now taught throughout the world. These simple concepts allow the student to utilize the size and power of the opponent against them.

The current title of Soke (head of family) has been transferred to "Moose" Cates to continue in the development of the style and to continue his father's legacy.



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