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Healthy living requires development in physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining your physical and mental health. You must take the right nutrition in adequate proportions in terms of minerals, vitamins and fats. Try to take help of your physician to suggest the right nutrition suitable for you.

There are many ways for healthy living and attaining physical fitness.

Ways to attain physical fitness:

Less salt and lean protein
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
Less fat, healthier fats and oils
Making better choices of nutrition
Preparing food in healthy ways
Smaller meals more often
Healthy snacks, no fried or fast foods loaded with calories
No heavy dressings such as with butter sauces and creams and use flavorings like lime juice and natural herbs.
Giving enough rest to your body
Giving immunity and metabolism to work everyday

Consumption of water is also one of the necessary aspects to maintain the health. You should drink water on regular basis at least 6-8 glasses per day.

By drinking enough water the water soluble toxins which are present in your body will be flushed out and homeostatic balance will be obtained with in your body.

Water contains no fat and it makes 70% of the bodyís total volume. It is the ideal alternative for caffeinated products and fizzy drinks.

Try to consume the food which is rich in vitamins, minerals and which have low fat content. You must consume the fruits at least once in a day. During the snack break eat apple or banana instead of junk foods.

Junk foods and fast foods contain more number of calories with out proteins and vitamins. So, try to avoid those foods and instead of them go for hygiene foods which contain proteins, minerals and necessary fats required for your body.

Exercise is also one of the essential aspects; it is the third contributor of your healthy lifestyle. You can burn the stored calories present in your body by jogging around the park for 3 times, by cycling or by playing your favorite sport such as football, basketball, etc.

Meditation is proved as the definite stress buster which will enhance your concentration and remove fatigue.

You will be achieving a sense of self development with good food and plenty of exercise. A part from these you must pay attention to your day to day routines such as not smoking and drinking alcohol.

These things will increase the sense of well being with in you and makes you to obtain psychological well being. You will be creating right attitude towards life with psychological well being. You must have awareness towards your lifestyle in order to bring a sense of heightened self esteem.

Spiritual health is also a key component in achieving all round happiness. Keeping faith in your religion is a good way to obtain positive attitude. Faith increases your self confidence by decreasing your anxieties and worries.

Exercise is the key element to maintain a healthy body. Exercise is very important to prevent illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, strokes and heart failure.

Before starting any exercise, consult a health care professional and learn with certified trainer how to exercise safely.

Exercise will strengthen the bones and muscles which decrease your chances of fractures or breaks, and back injuries.

Eating unhealthy foods and exercising does not promote good health. Your body does not respond when you are eating unhealthy foods and exercise at the same time.

Rest is an important factor as if you are not getting enough rest while exercising; you are subjected to hot flashes and fainting. If the body is tired, your body and mind will not respond and may lead to injuring yourself.

Exercise works to produce healthier lives while reducing the risks of ordinary disease and at the same time helping you to control weight.

Before doing aerobic or strength workouts, warm up for five to ten minutes. Warm up helps the body to transition from a state of inactivity to full exertion.

Aerobics is one of the finest exercise workouts that work each muscle in the body and toning the body.

Aerobics include running, walking, bicycling, skating, jogging, dancing and other types of aerobic exercises. If you combine aerobics with weight lifting, you will be building mass, muscles, strengthening the bones and reducing weight.

Strength building exercises include weight lifting, circuit strength training, and calisthenics. These exercises help burn fat and increase the lean tissues in the body. Weight lifting is a workout which loses your weight quickly while building muscles. Intense weight lifting is usually for weight lifters attempting to build mass muscles.

You can do cycling or other activities at slow and easy pace. This gives your body to increase blood flow to the working muscles and joints and prepare them for hard work

At least 30 minutes of exercise is required to get better results. You can do aerobic exercise or vigorous gardening can also help. If you want to lose weight, 60 minutes of workout is recommended. At least you can workout for 30 minutes.

Stretching is the exercise essential to lengthen muscles and to create sturdier tendons and ligaments. Stretch at the end of each warm up and cool down. Stretching increases coordination, flexibility and widens the bodyís freedom of movement.

Wear loose fitting clothes and shoes that are comfortable. Be sure your exercise shoes give appropriate support and cushioning for the aerobic exercise you choose to do.

Once your health and fitness goals have been achieved it is easy to maintain them. Simply stay active and make your exercising fun. Try many different exercise activities to prevent boredom and work all the muscle groups in the body. Different muscles will be strengthened and you will be fit in lesser time. This will also help you burn calories and control your weight. Following the essentials of exercise can help you safely participate in any type of activity.
Stretching exercise is one of the most important exercises you can put into your daily schedule. But, before doing you need to know about exercise essentials.

The stretching exercises form part of the cool down program at the end of a training session.

The aim is to relax the muscles and facilitate an improvement in maximum range of motion.

The back especially requires stretches since it is the first area where you can experience pain.

The back exercises release the back pain. Apart from back exercise, the remaining stretch exercises are important for the remaining parts of the body.

Back exercise:

To start back exercise, lie down on your back with comfortable position with legs elongated and the arms stretched over the head. The back flex exercises are done correctly to avoid injury.

Stretch your arms over your head as far as the arms will allow simultaneously stretching the legs at length. The chest should be expanded up and hold your place up to fifteen or thirty seconds. Repeat until you feel the body release tension and stress.

For the upper back stretch, stand tall feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Interlock your fingers and push your hands as far away from your chest as possible, allowing your upper back to relax. You should feel the stretch between your shoulder blades.

Adductor Stretch:

Stand in a comfortable position with feet two shoulder widths apart. Bend your right leg and lower your body. Keep your back straight and use the arms to balance. You will the stretch in the left leg adductor. Repeat the procedure with the left leg.

Hamstring stretch:

Hamstring stretch requires sitting on the ground in a relaxed position with both legs straight out in front of you. Bend the left leg and place the sole of the left foot alongside the knee of the right leg. Bend forward keeping the back straight. Hold the position for fifteen to thirty seconds and swap legs following the same procedure.

Calf stretch:

When doing calf stretches, you should stand in a comfortable position, placing the hands on the hip region. Calf stretches can be done by placing both hands on a wall with shoulder width apart.

You step frontward with your right foot. Bend the knees with your feet grounded to the floor and shift your body to your forward foot. Lower your hips gradually until your body exposes a mild stretching feeling in the calf muscle of the rear leg. Repeat this procedure with the other leg also.

Shoulder stretch:

Stand in a comfortable position and feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Place your right arm parallel with the ground across the front of your chest. Bend the left arm up and use the left forearm to ease the right arm closer to your chest. You feel the stretching in the shoulder. Repeat the procedure with the other arm.

Biceps Stretch:

Stand tall with feet wider than shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold your arms out to the side parallel with the ground and the palms of the hand facing forward.
Rotate your hands so the palms face to the rear and stretch the arms back as far as possible. You should feel the stretch across your chest and in the biceps.

Neck stretches:

Sitting flat on the floor, tilt your head in a backward position. Tilt your head rolling it from side to side. Slightly lower your head toward your chest, moving it from side to side, and then to the back. Do not drop your head lower than needed to feel the stretch sensation that is most effective.

Side bends:

Stand in a comfortable position with feet wider than shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Bend slowly to one side, come back to the vertical position and then bend to the other side. Do not lean forwards or backwards.

Hip and Thigh Stretch:

Stand in a comfortable position with feet two shoulder widths apart. Turn the feet and face to the right. Bend your right leg so that the right thigh is parallel with the ground and the right lower leg is vertical.

Slowly lower your body. Keep your back straight and use the arms to balance. You will feel the stretch along the front of the left thigh and along the hamstrings of the right leg. Repeat the procedure by turning and facing to the left.

Donít overstretch:

While stretching can promote flexibility, overstretching can damage the muscles, if you are recovering from an injury. Donít bounce while stretching. Holding your stretch in a static position works best.



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