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Soke Solly Said is the Chairman of the Ken To Fude No Karate Ryu. He has been involved in the Martial Arts since 1965. He received his Black Belt in 1974 while studying full time under one of the top Kyokushinkai Karate instructors in New York City at the Mas Oyamas Karate - known then as one of the toughest martial arts schools in the world. Soke Solly has participated in and won many tournaments in Africa and the USA. He has trained under many famous Karate Masters, namely, Sensei Ian Harris, Master Steve Arneil from the United Kingdom , Master Nakamura in the USA and the legendary Grand Master Masutatsu Oyama (10th Dan) in Japan.
At Hanshi Olen Lane's Dojo in USA with Hanshi Hisataka his son And Shihan Imtiaz in India at the Taj Mahal
At Honbu Dojo with Hanshi Histaka, Shihan Imtiaz Abdulla & Shihan Masamitsu Kudaka at the Koshiki Seminar At Hanshi Olen Lane's Dojo in Ithaca New York with the SA Team in 2006 Hanshi with Shihan Masamitsu Kudaka, Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka and Shihan Imtiaz Abdulla Hanshi at the Taj Mahal in India
Great news Shihan gets awarded Hanshi 8th Dan when he leads a Team to Cleveland Ohio and is Inducted into the World Multi Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.This honour comes to Soke Solly Said from the founder of this prestigious Organisation, Professor Enrico A Moore, Professor Moore is one of the most recognised martial artists in the United States of America his achievements in Martial Arts spans over 5 decades.

Soke Solly Said is the first South African to be inducted to the SOKE Council (Head Founder,Head Families, Grand Master Council) The TWMMAHOF committee has considered Hanshi's 41 years of accomplishments, lifelong work and contributions within the Martial Arts. TWMMAHOF Committee has scheduled Hanshi to be especially recognised and awarded for his achievements. This prestigious event was conducted on September 1st and 2nd 2006 at the Wyndham Hotel, Play House Square, in Cleveland Ohio USA.

The Horizon News Paper applauds Soke Solly Said on receiving this prestigious award. The Horizon News Paper on its part will be presenting Soke Solly Said with the 'THE HORIZON LIFE LONG ACHIEVEMENT AWARD' recognising his life long contribution, dedication and passion for the Martial Arts. The Horizon has deligently followed Soke Solly Said's colourful history and achievements which is legendry. This award was presented to him after his arrival from the USA.

Soke is promoted to 7th Dan and receives an official certificate under UFAK by Shihan Imtiaz Abdullah in August.

Kyokushin Kai Kan Karate Certificate
Degree of Headfounder Soke Of System - The World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame small Degree Of Rank -The World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
Certificate of Rank Registration and Recognition - The World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Certificate of Membership to World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
Certificate of Membership to Sokeship Council- The World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame  
In a bold move Soke turns his attention to the African continent and heads a new dynamic style Ken To Fude No Ryu Kenshu Kai Karate in order to empower the people of the African continent.
Soke hosts an International Benefit Tournament in Johannesburg. The proceeds were donated to the Goud Park Primary School in Eldorado Park.
Soke takes a team to an international tournament in Australia.
Soke takes a team to Japan for the Tokyo dojo's 5th Anniversary and international tournament.
Soke attends WSKO's 25th Anniversary celebrations in New York City and adjudicates in the WSKO benefit tournament and conducts a self defence program as part of many other seminars held over the weekend.

This was a very special occasion especially after 9/11 considering that it was not a safe time for Soke Solly to be travelling to New York. His resolve to attend this function encouraged the other branch chiefs that cancelled to reconsider attending.

Soke Solly Said & his wife Sensei Shamsa attends Akira Nakamura's wedding in New York City and participates in Black Belt clinic & branch chiefs meeting.

Tragedy strikes the Said family our dear Sensei Leilah Said 20yrs passes away in a motor car accident on the 8 Oct. In December 2000/January 2001 Shihan went to Egypt and India and assesses the situation, accompanied by Senpais Hassen & Ronald. Shihan restored order to India Seido Karate and a month later the students united in their efforts and were subsequently able to host Kaichos visit to India which resulted in a successful trip.

In Egypt ,Shihan met with the president and the committee of the Egyptian National Karate Oranization and had fruitful discussions regarding Karate in the continent of Africa.

Soke sends a team to Jamaica & SA dojo host an international benefit tournament and members from 7 countries visit SA and participate in the tournament. The theme of the tournament was 'Umuntu ungumuntu ungubantu' - The dance of life moves to the symphony of true friendship.

This was a gathering of friends and a forging of friendship of over thirty years. Shihans friends Shuseki Shihan Charles Martin Shuseki Shihan William Oliver & his wife Hazel, Shuseki Shihan Andy Barber & Kyoshi Jane, Kyoshi Toshi & Kyoshi Ino to mention a few were present. Shuseki Shihan William Oliver subsequently passed away in November 2004.

Soke takes a team to New Zealand to celebrate his friend Shuseki Shihan Andy Barber 50th birthday bash and tournament.
Karate Dojo moves yet again., this time to its new home at 90 Jason Street, Mayfair West.
Heads a 60 member strong team to New York. Officially receives his 6th Dan (grade of Shihan)
Travels to New York City to attend a Black Belt Clinic and adjudicate at the WSKO 8th Benefit Tournament. Takes promotion for 6th Dan.
The expansion program grows to eight dojos and Karate is taught at seven pre-schools.
Moves Dojo headquarters to larger premises and sets up a beautiful dojo and gym in Bree Street, Fordsburg. Continues to expand the Karate program to new areas.
Hosts 4th Karate Benefit tournament and introduces the Ancient Art of India - 'kalaripayuti'. Focuses on establishing new branches in South Africa.
Soke welcomes his teacher Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, Sensei William Best and Sensei Mitsuko Iitzuka to South Africa. Hosts 3rd South African Karate Benefit tournament.
Receives an invitation from Kaicho Nakamura to be part of a special team to demonstrate WSKO for the first time in Japan. Trains extensively in New York City with this team for 3 weeks, and travels to Japan for 12 days. WSKO receives invitation from the Governor of Tokyo Mr Shunichi Suzuki and receives  honorary citizenship in Japan. Back home in South Africa hosts the 2nd South African Seido Karate Benefit tournament.
Hosts the 1st South African Seido Karate Benefit Tournament. Proceeds were donated to the Twilight Childrens project.
Attends a Black Belt Clinic in New York City and adjudicates at the 1st WSKO Benefit Tournament. Also takes promotion for 5th Dan.  Shihan Solly and other senior members meet Aido Shimano Roshi of the Daibosetsu Zendo for further Zen training.
Attends a Black Belt Clinic and trains extensively in New York City for 6 weeks.More Zen training at the Doshinji Monastery.
Travels to New York City to attend a Black Belt Clinic and trains extensively there for 6 weeks. More Zen training at the Doshinji Monastery.
By special invitation is selected to be part of a contingent from Africa to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca.
Travels to New York City to attend a Black Belt Clinic and trains extensively under Kaicho Nakamura for 6 weeks. He takes the promotion for 4th Dan (grade of Sensei). Shihan Solly Said and other members are introduced to John Daido Louri of the Doshinji Monastery for Zen training.
Trains under Kaicho Nakamura in New York City for 7 weeks.Captains a tournament team in New York City which wins: in the Kumite; Kata, Self-Defence and Tameshiwara (breaking techniques) sections. This record has not yet been equalled.
Manager and Captain of S.A. Seido Karate Team which participates in the British Kyokushinkai Knock Down Championships.Travels to New York City to spend 3 months training extensively under Kaicho Nakamura and is promoted to 3rd Dan.
Formed South Africa Seido Karate whilst simultaneously in New York Shihan Nakamura formed WSKO, Shihan Nakamura now becomes Kaicho.
Trains full-time under Shihan Nakamura in New York City, where he receives his 1st Dan Black Belt. Travels to Japan to meet and train under the legendary Master Mas Oyama 10th Dan
Travels to Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) on the invitation of Sensei Ian Harris.
Trains under Sensei Steve Arneil from England
Trains at a dojo.
Began studying karate on an informal basis (learning from books)
Soke Solly Said has appeared countless times on television, radio and on print media. He lives with his family in Johannesburg and is a full-time teacher of Karate-do, and Physical Culture, and together with his wife Shamsa practices natural health care such as , Aromatherapy, Holistic Health Therapy Reflexology, Shiatsu etc.




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