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The Four Basic Weapons

There are four basic kungfu weapons, two short ones and two long ones. All of the other weapons derive from these four. These basic four bear a slight northern accent. Some southern styles emphasize only two basic weapons: the long pole and the butterfly swords. We will, however, honor these basic four, since they are more universal.

Staff (Gun)(棍)
Broadsword (Dao)(刀)
Spear (Qiang)(槍)
Straight Sword (Jian)(劍)

These weapons fall into the following categories

Long Short Soft Twin Hidden & Flying
Long Weapons
Long weapons are generally taller than the user and require both hands. Most of these are pole arms, and kungfu has hundreds of variations of pole arms alone. Every weird pole arm head has a different Chinese name, some of which are redundant and overlapping.
Buddha Hand (Fo Shou)
Kwan Dao(刀)
Cicada Wing Sword (Chan Zi Dao)(刀)
Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon Sword (Qian Kun Ri Yue Dao)(刀)
Double-Bladed Axe(Ge)(斧)
Double-Blade Crescent Shovel (Monk Spade) (Chan)
Nine Dragon Single Blade Shovel
Eagle Head Sword (Ying Tao Dao)(刀)
Dragon Whisker Fork (Long Xu) Cha(叉)
Blunt-End Fork (Fei) Cha(叉)
Inward Pointed Fork (Fei) Cha(叉)
Outward Pointed Fork (Fei) Cha(叉)
Two Teeth Fork (Two Point Fork)(Liang Jian Cha)  or (Ox Horn Fork) (Niu Jiao) Cha (叉)
Upward Pointed Fork (Fei) Cha(叉)
Gold Coin Spade (Jin Qian Chan)
Single(Dan) Halberd (Ji)(戟)
Double Halberd (Ji)(戟)
Snake Halberd (Ji)(戟)
Heaven Lotus Phoenix Tail (Tian He Feng Wei Tang)  
Hoe (Chu Tou)  
Horse Chopping Sword (Zhan Ma Dao)(刀)
Lance , Long-handled spear (Mao)(槊)  
Lashing Staff (Shao Zi Gun)(棍)  
Long-Tip Staff (Gun)(棍)
Long Handled Sword(Da Dao)(刀)  
Long Stick Axe (Yue)  
Monk Cudgel (Chan Zhang, Zen Stick)
Pu Dao(刀)  
Rake (Pa)
Hooked Single Spear (Lian Dao Qiang)(刀 槍)
Snake Spear (She Qiang)(槍)
Spear (Qiang)(槍)
Double Headed Spear (Shuang Tou Qiang)(槍)
Talon, Claw (Zhua) (才過)  
Three-Point Double-Blade Sword (San Jian Liang Ren Dao)(刀)
Tiger Fork (Hu) Cha(叉)  
Wolf Fork Spear (Lan Cha Qiang)(Lan Ya Dang)(叉槍)
Wolf Teeth Mace (Lan Ya Ban) (鐧)
Bang (棒)Short cudgel  
Battle axe (鉞)  
Biān(鞭) steel whip  
Hook sword (鉤)  
Mace (鐧)  
Ranseur  (樘) Trident-halberd  
Shuo (槊)  
Guai (拐) Stick/Baton/Tonfa  

Short Weapons

Short weapons can be used one handed, like a sword. Generally speaking, these are personal side arms. Many of these when used in pairs are twin weapons, although our twin weapon list is limited to those weapons that are only used as twins. Furthermore, some short weapons have soft versions.

Bench (Ban Deng)  
Crutch or Cane (Guai)  
Cymbals (Ba)  
Eight Corner Hammer (Ba Ling Chui)(錘)  
Fly Whisk (Fei Mao Dan)  
Ghost Head Broadsword (Gui Tao Dao)(刀)  
Hammer (Chui)(錘)  
Iron Flute (Tie Di)  
Iron Ruler (Tie Chi)  
Iron Smoking Pipe (Tie Yan Dou)  
Double Hand Sword
Long Broadsword (Zha Dao)(刀)
Mace (Jian)(鐧)  
Nine Hook Broadsword (Jiu Gou Dao)(鈎 刀)
Nine Ring Broadsword (Jiu Huan Dao)(刀)
Push Dagger (Chi Shou)  
Shield (Dun)  
Snake Straight Sword (She Jian)(劍)
Southern Sword (Nan Dao)(刀)
Steel Fan (Tie Shan)  
Straight Sword Piercer (Jian Ci)  
Swallow Tail Broadsword (Yan Zi Dao)(刀)  
Sword (Jian)(劍)
Sword of the Eight Diagrams (Jian)(劍)
Two-Handed Broadsword (Shuang Shou Dao, also Bagua Dao)(刀)  
Two-handed Straight Sword (Shuang Shou Jian)(劍)  
Water Parting Shield (Fen Shui Dun)  
Whip (Bian)  
Soft Weapons
Soft weapons, or flexible weapons, have a joint or are attached to a rope. These weapons require great skill, since they are always changing. Many of these can also be hidden weapons, since they are very compact when collapsed.
Double Flying Claw (Shuang Fei) Zhua(才過)

Talon (抓)

Dragon Head Stick (Long Tao Gan Ban)  
Flying Weight (Shuang Tao Fei Chui)(錘)
Four Section Sickle (Si Jie) Tang (金堂)  
Meteor Hammer (Liu Xing Chui)(流星錘)
Mother and Son Hammer (Zi Mu Chui)(錘)
Rope Javelin (Sen Biao)
Three Section Staff (San Jie Gun)(棍)
Two Section Staff (Er Jie Gun)(棍)
Whip Chain (Qi Jie Bian, Seven Section Whip or Jiu Jie Bian, Nine Section Whip)
Twin Weapons
Twin weapons are two mirror-image weapons, one held in each hand. In modern kungfu, the practice of twin weapons balances out the left hand with the right, since many styles have a predetermined dominance.
Axe Fu (斧)
Butterfly Knives (Hu Die Shuang Dao, Butterfly Double Sword or Niu Er Jin Dao, Ox Ear Sharp Sword)
Deer Antler Knives (Lu Jiao Dao)
Double Broadsword (Dao)(刀)
Double Octagon Hammer (Chui)(錘)
Piercers (Emei Ci)
Golden Melon Hammer Pair (Chui)(錘)
Heaven And Earth Rings
Horse Halberd (Ma Ji)(戟)  
Hook (Gou) (鈎)  
Iron Chopsticks (Tie Kuai Zi)  
Iron Comb (Tie Su Zi)  
Iron Ring (Shuo Huan)(槊  )  

Mandarin Duck Spade (Yuan Yang Chan)

Midnight And Noon Yue (鉞)
Sun and Moon Speared Sword (Qian Kun Ri Yue Qiang Dao)(刀)
Nine Teeth Hook (Jiu Zi Gou) (鈎)
Ring (Huan) or Wheel of Wind & Fire(Lun)
Sickle (Lian Dao)
Snake Ring
Twin Pen (Bi)
Twin Spear Spade (Qiang Chan)
Twin Broadswords (Shuang Dao)(刀)  
Twin Daggers (Shuang Bi Shou)  
Twin Halberds (Shuang Shou Ji)(戟)
Twin Straight Swords (Shuang Jian)(劍)  
Unicorn Horn Sword (Lin Jiao Dao)(刀)
Hidden and Flying Weapons
Hidden weapons are a fascinating sub-topic of Chinese weaponry. Used to expand the range of offense beyond close combat, a great number of ingenious hidden weapons were created to surprise the enemy. Small enough to be hidden in a sleeve or robe, and particularly useful in a surprise attack or when you are outnumbered, these are generally small weapons, with the exception of the bows.
Arhat Coin (Luohan Qian)  
Bow (Dan Gong)  
Crossbow (Lu)  
Flying Dart (Fei Biao)  
Flying Knife (Fei Dao)(刀)
Flying Locust Stone (Fei Huang Shi)  
Iron Toad (Tie Chan Chu)  
Scholar's Brush (Pan Guan Bi or Zhaung Yuan Bi - Judge's Brush or Champion Place Brush)  
Sleeve Sword (Shu Jian)(劍)  
Wolf Teeth Hammer (Lan Ya Chui)(錘)  



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